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Working With Crafts Is A Journey : Rashmi Singh, Moya

Rashmi Singh- The girl from Patna who’s bringing art into our homes

Artisan Mithilesh

Artisan Kamlesh and Family

Women at work in Madhubani

Wip Bag Artwork

Saree Printing

Madhubani – Matter and the Material

Laal Paad Saree

A house in Madhubani

Leather Puppetry 5

Laal Paad Saree 2

Leather Puppetry 3

Leather Puppetry 2

Block Print 4

Block Print 3

Block print 2

Block Print

Leather Puppetry

Artisan Kamlesh

Artisan Venkatesh

Artisan Rekha

Artisan Tanu

Artisan Leela Devi

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