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About Us



Made in India by the artisans of India and seeping in the traditions of India.

Design for us is a story telling and we at Moya celebrate the handcrafted traditions of India in a sustainable ecosystem. The aesthetics of the label are rooted in building a future from our past and embracing innovation with art. A Zeitgeist of the age old Craft traditions of India, our products narrate the story of the makers and their journey through the product.

We invite you to become Patrons of Art that resonates luxury in Crafts across the categories of Apparel, Accessories and Décor. Get your style, Create a trend, that is timeless because it is truly yours.

Transcending into an era where everything around us is marked by a sense of the self, a self impression in everything we do and own, the world is moving towards ‘soul’ products. Enthused by this thought our products echo individuality, craftsmanship and a reflection of the experiences and a story of art through time, resonating an international style that is Made in India.

We invite you to become Patrons of Art that resonates luxury in Crafts, across the categories of Apparel, Accessories and Décor.

Get your style, Create a trend, that is timeless because it is truly yours.


“Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design” – Charles Eames

There was a time when craftsmanship was a way of life. Handicrafts were made using natural resources at a time when the term ‘sustainable’ was not even coined. But with industrialization, these crafts and the craftspeople faded into oblivion as they could not comply with contemporary needs of competitive markets.

“The crafts could not evolve like the consumers did and that is where the need arises.”


In a world of mass commercialism, traditional crafts and indigenous methods for making are being lost every day.We have traveled far and wide across villages in India, providing necessary design intervention and equip them with required tools and techniques helping them make quality controlled, well-designed, functional products. At Moya, we believe that if we can build an ecosystem where artisans can work in their own surroundings in skills they are already familiar with and give the required output, it would be an ideal set up.


While we support artisans to run their own small businesses and create a self-sufficient environment, improving their lives by empowering and supporting them with the basic amenities is a part of our business.

The focus of our business is innovation in design through crafts while adhering to the sustainable business model


Our products are evolved and so is our consumer.Moya is for anyone who knows who they are and what they stand for. We don’t wish to categorize our patrons, because we believe style is all about individual attitude, its about the lifestyle we choose, the things we stand for, the stories we want to tell and the beliefs we live by.

“Our patrons are not restricted by set standards but by their taste which knows none of these.”


What do we want to be?

Working with crafts is a journey, a journey that unfolds new possibilities and challenges with every turn. It brings together a lot of experiences and stories to tell. At Moya we bring together these experiences, the evolution and the tales of tradition and processes that a product goes through…

We focus on creating experiences and not just products.

We are building a lifestyle approach to crafts that brings together the evolved consumer and the craft traditions in a timeless trend. We focus on giving a face and a name to the artisan.


A PG in Design from NID, Ahmedabad, she has been working in the industry in multiple creative streams since last 10 years with popular Fashion brands and independently. Born into a family that has its roots in the villages of Bihar, she spent her childhood and teenage years around popular crafts from Bihar having a strong influence on her work.
In her own words on Moya “It is my passion and my dream, it is part of my Being”.
I don’t want the customer to buy every piece, but they should be able to see the cohesion. It is not only a craft inspired label but a evolved craft store with a story where one can find the crafter and the craft in a tangible form and feel.
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